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Journal Issues

The latest issue of AlterNative Volume 11, Issue 4 is now available online and in print. Most of the articles in this issue were submitted in response to our themed call for papers on indigenous modernities, a re-imagining of the indigenous self in the context of Western modernities and urbanisation. The articles in this issue speak to this theme and cover topics such as indigenous identity constructions, nation-building, social media practices, as well as language revitalization, urban indigenous research ethics, and indigenous health care.

The latest issue of AlterNative, Volume 11, Issue 3, is now available online and in print. Highlights in this issue are two articles which focus on indigenous bereavement practices. Also notable is an article from Canada which looks at the health-seeking behaviour of Aboriginal youth in distress, as well as two articles which deal with settler-colonial practices of land alienation in the 19th century.

Topics in this issue of AlterNative, Volume 11, Issue 2 are diverse and cover a museological project on indigenous watercraft, two articles on indigenous health and well-being, women’s traditions, knowledge systems and environmental governance, the history of Māori land loss, community participatory action research, and the Mayan refugee identity crisis.

The latest issue of AlterNative Volume 11 (1) is now available online and in print. It has a special focus on indigenous peoples’ issues in Aotearoa New Zealand. Two of the five articles reflect on Māori ways of being. The lead article by Carl Mika entitled: “Thereness”: Implications of Heidegger’s “presence” for Māori discusses the philosophical consequences of colonization through the lens of Martin Heidegger’s “metaphysics of presence”.

This issue of AlterNative, Volume 10, Issue 5, is a special issue entitled “Indigenous knowledges impacting the environment” guest edited by Dr. Suzi Hutchings. It includes five articles from Australia and one discussing the topic in the Canadian context. A common thread of the articles in this issue is the interplay between Western science and law and indigenous reasoning and philosophy.

AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal. We aim to present indigenous worldviews and scholarly research from native indigenous perspectives from around the world. AlterNative is published quarterly in print and online. AlterNative publishes papers that substantively address and critically engage with indigenous issues from a scholarly indigenous viewpoint. All papers must address and engage with current international and national literature and academic and/or indigenous theory and make a significant contribution to the field of indigenous studies. Read more.

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