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AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal. We aim to present Indigenous worldviews and scholarly research from native Indigenous perspectives from around the world. AlterNative is published quarterly in print and online. AlterNative publishes papers that substantively address and critically engage with Indigenous issues from a scholarly indigenous viewpoint. All papers must address and engage with current international and national literature and academic and/or Indigenous theory and make a significant contribution to the field of indigenous studies. Read more.

Publication: First Online & Print (subscribed)
Print ISSN: 1177-1801
Online ISSN: 1174-1740
Frequency: Four issues per annum
Editors: Dr Tracey McIntosh & Dr Carwyn Jones
Editorial Office: Te Kororia Netana-Rakete
Email: editors@alternative.ac.nz

Latest Volume: Volume 15 Issues 1-4 2019

AlterNative Journal Volume 15 Issue 1 - March 2019 General issue

AlterNative Journal Volume 15 Issue 2 - June 2019 General issue - CURRENT!

AlterNative Journal Volume 15 Issue 3 - September 2019 General issue - ONLINE FIRST!

AlterNative Journal Volume 15 Issue 4 - December 2019 Special issue - COMING!


Indigenous Amazonians on air: Shipibo–Konibo radio broadcasters and their social influence in Peru Jacqueline Oyarce-Cruz, Melissa Medina Paredes, Markus Maier, First Published January 22, 2019; pp. 93–100

Health literacy in action: Kaupapa Māori evaluation of a cardiovascular disease medications health literacy intervention Teah Carlson, Helen Moewaka Barnes, Tim McCreanor, First Published February 14, 2019; pp. 101–110

When is indigeneity: closing a legal and sociocultural gap in a contested domestic/international term Julia Bello-Bravo, First Published February 19, 2019; pp. 111–120

For the love of our children: an Indigenous connectedness framework Jessica Saniguq Ullrich, First Published February 21, 2019; pp. 121–130

“We are not privileged enough to have that foundation of language”: Pasifika young adults share their deep concerns about the decline of their ancestral/heritage languages in Aotearoa New Zealand Lina-Jodi Vaine Samu, Helen Moewaka Barnes, Lanuola Asiasiga, Tim McCreanor, First Published June 16, 2019; pp. 131–139

Stitching tivaevae: a Cook Islands research method Debi Futter-Puati, Teremoana Maua-Hodges, First Published March 27, 2019; pp. 140–149

Reflections on Métissage as an Indigenous research praxis Susan Burke, Rheanna Robinson, First Published March 31, 2019; pp. 150–157

The rationale for developing a programme of services by and for Indigenous men in a First Nations community Julie George, Melody Morton Ninomiya, Kathryn Graham, Sharon Bernards, Samantha Wells, First Published April 15, 2019; pp. 158–167

What does Ainu cultural revitalisation mean to Ainu and Wajin youth in the 21st century? Case study of Urespa as a place to learn Ainu culture in the city of Sapporo, Japan Kanako Uzawa, First Published June 16, 2019; pp. 168–179

Taonsayontenhroseri:ye’ne: the power of art in Indigenous research with youth Kawennakon Bonnie Whitlow, Vanessa Oliver, Kim Anderson, Kari Brozowski, Stephanie Tschirhart, Danielle Charles, Kaienkwinehtha Ransom, First Published May 10, 2019; pp. 180–189

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